CyberStore Documentation
Account and Customer Item Lists (#4817)

Item Lists custom lists of items that can be used by front-end Site users when logged into the website. Items in Item Lists are not bound by any specific category but are specific to a linked Account or Customer. They can be thought of as lists that are curated based on individual user or Customer-wide preferences.

There are two types of Item lists, each type provides a different scope of availability and management – Account Lists and Customer Lists.

CyberStore Site visitors have the ability to use Item Lists to create self-curated lists of items. Whether used as favorite items, hot lists, or other such lists, users can take full advantage of Item Lists.

The Account Item List features described in this topic are only available to users with Accounts when they are logged into a CyberStore Site.

When logged-in users can do the following with Item Lists when on an Item Detail page.



Item Lists can also be managed in the CyberStore Management Console by Site administers who can either create, modify or review lists created for and by Site visitors.