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Enhancements to Tax Processing

Override Extended Tax Code Processing for B2B Orders (#6530)

When an order is placed by an on-file (B2B) Customer, and the chosen ship-to address is attached to the Customer in SYSPRO, CyberStore now submits the extended tax code with the order based on that address. The address can either be the default address of the Customer or one of the Customer's multiple shipping addresses in SYSPRO.

Additionally, since both the ship-to address and the address of origination (the ship-from address) are factors in the taxability of an order, you can determine the taxable status at a line level. CyberStore allows you to establish specific tax rules that can affect the taxable status of individual lines on an order based on ship-from and ship-to addresses. 

You can access this feature if your SYSPRO ERP tax system uses either the "USA tax by advanced geocodes" or the "USA AVP sales tax system" configuration. 

To enable this feature, set CyberStore to override the standard tax processing method. This method assembles tax codes by comparing the desired ship-to address to data in SYSPRO's tax data tables. Once you permit this override, you can create Jurisdictions that can be related to different ship-from and ship-to addresses. 

To create tax rules for specific Items, create commodity codes for specific stock codes or SYSPRO product classes. Then set the taxable status of the rule.


For an Item to be taxable, the stock code must be taxable in SYSPRO. 

You can find the settings for these features in the following Console maintenance areas:

Important Note:

To take advantage of this feature, there exist specific requirements in SYSPRO when using the USA AVP tax system. If your ERP configuration is set in this manner, please review the SYSPRO USA AVP Tax System Requirements When Using CyberStore Line Item Taxability Override topic.

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