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New Price Per Unit Display
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Display Price Per Unit along with Unit Prices (#6731)

Beginning with Version 2.10, you can now display pricing in terms of a price per unit. This feature is specific to CyberStore, as it is not currently available in SYSPRO. It allows an Item's unit pricing to be displayed in the context of a new unit of measure (UOM): the Relative Unit of Measure.

The Relative UOM includes both a label and a conversion formula accompanied by a conversion value and operation (multiplication or division). By default, the Relative UOM is equivalent to the Stocking UOM. 

You are able to configure any Item's Relative UOM in the Management Console. Go to Item > Item and Category Maintenance. Once you are working inside of the Item Maintenance grid, go to the Pricing tab. There you can define the Relative UOM. 

To display the Relative UOM, select its "show" checkbox.

When the Relative Unit is different than the Pricing Unit, the price per unit will be displayed, as long as the CatalogPricingControl for any unit price is set to "show." By default, any control that contains the CatalogPricingControl displays the price per unit. If you never want the price per unit to be shown, set the ShowPricePerUnit property to "false."

In contrast, when the Pricing Unit is the same as the Relative Unit, the price per unit is not displayed, even if set to "show."

When you choose to display the price per unit, you can create your own display text using the PricePerUnitDisplayText property. The default setting for the property is "([Price]/[UOM])." The replacement tags [Price] are substituted for the Relative Unit conversion amount and [UOM] tags are substituted for the Relative Unit label.

You can also display the price per unit in cents if the value is less than 1.00.

Below is an example of the new price per unit feature in context:

Support for Calculating Currency to "Cents" (#6867)

For currencies that support 1/100ths, such as the US Dollar, you can display the price in cents. Insert the cent symbol in the designated section of the "Currency" setup under the General tab, as shown below.


 If the price per unit is < 1.00, the price is rounded to the nearest 10th of a cent (i.e., $0.12 = 12.5¢).