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Additional Tax Processing Logic
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Tax Code Query Fallback (#7087)

If CyberStore cannot determine a tax code by the City-State-Zip combination, it searches for all tax codes that fit the State-Zip. It then uses the highest tax code among these.

Ability to Filter Out Certain Tax Codes with TaxCity Exclusion String in Tax Settings (#7171)

In order for CyberStore to handle certain uses of tax table data in SYSPRO implementations, you may need set it to disregard certain extended tax codes. 

To do so, go to Site Manager > Order Integration > Tax Options. Find the section, "Tax City Lookup Exception String." Here you can set an exclusion string in the TaxCity portion of the code.

See the example below:

In this example, if CyberStore does not find an exact match for the code, it will omit any extended tax code that contains an "H" in the TaxCity value from the secondary tax table lookup.