CyberStore Documentation
Modified Controls

Various CyberStore e-commerce controls have been modified in the 2.12 release.

Modified Controls

The front-end versions for the following controls have been modified in this version:

Breaking Changes

This release includes changes to DevExpress controls. These changes may result in breaking custom Site controls if there are adjustments in the third-party library.

To assist with upgrading your custom controls, we recommend using the DevExpress Markup Updater tool as follows:

  1. Download the DevExpress Markup Updater Tool (download here).
  2. Copy the download to your CyberStore server or a local machine that has access to your Site folder.
  3. Run the updater executable.
  4. When prompted, point the application to the /Control directory in your Site folder
  5. Run the updater.

Note: The updater only resolves specific DevExpress changes and may not resolve all possible upgrade issues involving custom controls.

Implementer's Note:

If you have custom versions of the above modified controls in your Site/Control folder, please compare them with their released versions in the /ecommerce/control folder to ensure compatibility.

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