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Support for Google Analytics
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If you normally use Google Analytics to track user and sales activity on your website, this feature provides you with further support. CyberStore can directly add Google Analytics code snippets into the application for your web store. 



Add Ability to Configure Google Analytics Settings in Console (#7337)

There is a new Google Analytics Tracking section in the Console that allows you to manage the integration of Google Analytics into CyberStore. To access this section, navigate to  Site Manager > Site Configuration > Site Scripts.

To activate Google Analytics on your Site, enter the Google Site Tracker ID provided by Google into the designated field. As soon as you save the value, your Site will begin sending page views to Google Analytics.

To enable Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking, check the "Send orders to Google Ecommerce" checkbox.


To ensure success, check that Google Ecommerce is enabled in the Google Analytics configuration setup with Google.



Include Google Analytics Processing into Page Engine (#7338)

We have added functionality into the CyberStore page engine. When you enter a Google Analytics Tracker ID into the Console, CyberStore inserts Google Analytics page view tracking into every page.

In addition, you can send CyberStore order details (both transaction and Item) to Google Ecommerce. To enable this feature in the Console, add the script to step 5 of checkout, or the Order and Quote Order Display pages.

Create Google Analytics Module (#7340)

We have added a new e-commerce module for Google Analytics, as well as a new COM_Config table and XPComConfig object details.