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The 2.13 version of CyberStore contains several changes to the CyberStore installation program so as to improve the overall flow and efficiency of the upgrade process.

Choosing Upgrade Scope

When the installation program detects that a more recent version of CyberStore is available, a window alerts you and displays the version number of the currently installed instance as well as the target version of the installer.

You can specify whether you wish to upgrade the application files, the database, or both.



Auto-Detecting Database Server and Name Configuration

During the upgrade process, CyberStore now auto-detects the name of the Microsoft SQL Server and the names of both the public site database and Management Console database. It pre-populates this information in the "SQL Server Information" pane.

This means, when you perform an in-place upgrade, you no longer have to open your ecommerce/web.config file to retrieve this information. However, you can easily re-key this information in the pane to make any changes.


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