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CyberStore version 2.13 includes the following system improvements to the underlying processing built into the CyberStore application.

Minimize SYSPRO Refreshes Required to Continue Communication (#7369)

With this improvement, the communication link with the SYSPRO Operator does not need to be refreshed as frequently in order to synchronize with CyberStore as the system will now attempt to auto-refresh when certain communication errors occur.

As has been the case with previous versions, the SYSPRO communication can be manually refreshing in the Management Console within the SYSPRO Configuration screen.

Stop Logging Failed SYSPRO Calls for Models (#7586)

CyberStore no longer logs failures when SYSPRO calls are made against an Item that is typed as a Model (such as an inventory query). Since Models are not typically found in SYSPRO as a stock code.

Additionally, CyberStore no longer performs price queries of any kind on Items typed as Models since they cannot represent a sellable Item in your web store.

For information about setting the Item Type, see the Item Maintenance topic of the User's Guide.

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