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2.13.1 Maintenance Release (July 7, 2017)
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The CyberStore 2.13.1 maintenance release includes the following changes, optimizations, and bug fixes within the 2.13 release cycle.

Installer Improvements

SQL Upgrade Improvements (#7996)

The installation application for CyberStore has been improved in how it handles database updates during upgrades. The improvements are intended to allow for a higher success rate on upgrade installs as well as better visibility to root cause when installations may not complete due to data irregularities. There are no visible changes to the installation program as a result of this improvement.

Console Improvements

Configurable Timeout when Using SYSPRO Web Services (#8016)

When CyberStore is configured to communicate to a SYSPRO ERP server using SYSPRO Web Services for, a new configuration on the SYSPRO Configuration screen in the Management Console will allow you to set how long (in seconds) any single web service call can take before timing out. Previous to this update, the hard-coded timeout was set to 5 seconds.

Documentation Improvements

CyberStore Code Documentation Update (#7991)

The Documentation Center has been updated so that all properties for all controls in the Control Library have a standard form within the summary and value sections ensuring accuracy with regards to data type and default values.

Modified Controls

The following CyberStore e-commerce controls and XSLT file have been added or modified in the 2.13 release:

Modified Controls

The control markup for the following controls have been modified in this version.

If you use the standard CyberStore controls within your web store, these are automatically updated with your installation of version 2.13.1. However, if you have a custom version of any of the controls listed, you must make the following changes to the control markup to maintain full functionality. For the markup of each control, you only need to adjust the text from version 2.13 that changes in version 2.13.1, as listed below. The placement of that text within the markup and the surrounding text remain the same.

Modified Control Description of Modification


To enable the Country field during step 3 of Account registration, the following change is required.

2.13: <input id="shpCountry" type="hidden" runat="server" name="shpCountry" />

2.13.1: <asp:TextBox ID="shpCountryTextBox" runat="server" CssClass="FormField" Width="82px" MaxLength="9"></asp:TextBox>

And change the following as well:

2.13: <input id="bCountry" type="hidden" name="Hidden1" runat="server" />

2.13.1: <asp:TextBox ID="blgCountryTextBox" runat="server" CssClass="FormField" Width="82px" MaxLength="9"></asp:TextBox>


If custom controls are not updated as prescribed above, it will not result in an error, however previous functionality that prevented the Country field from appearing will persist. This is the solution to Bug #7998 below.

Bug Fixes in 2.13.1

The following bugs have been repaired as of Version 2.13.1: 

Bug Fixes

PRICING: Pricing discrepancy on Sales Order retention vs submission (#6766)
PRICING: Custom CatalogPricingControl_Detail in Modern Theme throws error (#8070)

CHECKOUT: CyberStore will not properly cancel a SYSPRO Order if the Line Item Totals do not match (#8026)

ACCOUNT: Blank Password Allowed (#7860)
ACCOUNT: Lack off Country field on Account Registration for Shipping/Billing (#7998)

CONSOLE: Console Windows do not work if there is no SYSPRO Data (#7969)
CONSOLE: Creating a promotion specifying a StockCode containing a hyphen fails (#7999)
CONSOLE: Unhandled SQL exception when creating promotion with duplicate number (#8000)

INSTALL: Installer SQL script UpscaleOrderHeader not running (#8019)

API: Item.asmx and ShoppingCart.asmx Functions Do Not Work (#7172)

For more information, or for specific details about any of these bug fixes, please contact Please include the bug number (as listed above) in your request.

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