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2.13.3 Maintenance Release (September 21, 2017)
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CyberStore version is a maintenance release with improvements and bug fixes within the 2.13 release cycle. Information about what is contained in this release can be found below.

Improvements in 2.13.3

The following improvements are included as part of the 2.13.3 maintenance release:

Updated .NET Remoting Service

The CyberStore .NET Remoting Service has been updated with this release to include full support for the SYSPRO Setup class category of business objects.

To determine if your CyberStore is configured to use .NET Remoting Service check your settings in the SYSPRO Configuration maintenance screen in the console.

If you determine that your CyberStore installation is utilizing .NET Remoting as its SYSPRO Communication Service, please see the Upgrading .NET Remoting Service to a New Version topic for information about how to perform the upgrade.

Bug Fixes in 2.13.3

The following bugs have been repaired as of Version 2.13.3: 

Bug Fixes

PRICING: Foreign Pricing - Exchange rate is applied to a price already in the correct currency in SYSPRO (#8187)

CHECKOUT: Order Alert Email - [OrderHeaderComments] do not display in the Order Alert Email (#7967)

ACCOUNT: Edit Account - Shipping address does not show for B2C customers on step 3 of editing an account (#8056)

CATALOG: CatalogItemTileListingControl - Cannot Hide SKUs from displaying (#8033)
CATALOG: ShoppingCartQuickEntryControl can be confusing with pasted StockCodes (#8111)

CONSOLE: Category Maintenance: Some tabs available on NEW that will error on save (#6289)
CONSOLE: Customer Class Settings Allow Contradictory Settings (#7954)
CONSOLE: Did not save selected payment methods when Adding a new Customer Class (#7994)
CONSOLE: Shipping Provider Maintenance - Password shown on edit (#8030)
CONSOLE: Change SYSPRO Operator function no longer available (#8125)
CONSOLE: Associated Customer Maintenance buttons broken when customers are non-numeric (#8129)

INSTALL: Upgrade Fails With Error 99 after "Fix State_ID in ZipCode Table" line (#8136)
INSTALL: Installer Upgrade fails when upgrading from  v 2.3.x (#8140)

SYSTEM: Operator does not appear to refresh when SYSPRO Errors out (#8196)
SYSTEM: Cannot use any object in the SYSPRO setup class when using .NET Remoting (#8200)

For more information, or for specific details about any of these bug fixes, please contact Please include the bug number (as listed above) in your request.

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