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2.13.4 Maintenance Release (October 3, 2017)
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CyberStore version is a maintenance release with improvements and bug fixes within the 2.13 release cycle. Information about what is contained in this release can be found below.

Improvements in 2.13.4

The following improvement is included as part of the 2.13.4 maintenance release:

Ability to Use Custom UPS Rate API XML

Rate queries are performed by CyberStore to the UPS public API using properly formatted XML-based strings. Standard query syntax is hard-coded into the CyberStore code, however, should an implementation require it, the Rate API XML template can be overridden with a custom XML file. See the UPSRateQuery.XML topic for use and implementation details.

Bug Fixes in 2.13.4

The following bugs have been repaired as of Version 2.13.4: 

Bug Fixes

PRICING: CustomerHideShowPricingControl -  Control causes an object reference not set error for B2C accounts (#8043)

CHECKOUT: Multi-ship Address - Cannot Change Default Address and Check Out using that address in same order (#8041)
CHECKOUT: Print Order Receipt breaks when Custom Site Scripts entered in Site Manager (#8218)

ACCOUNT: B2C Accounts can be created and place orders during B2B registration (#8175)

CATALOG: On Hand QTY message does not take other users carts into account (#7782)
CATALOG: Item Lists - Accounts that are only allowed to add items from item lists to their cart are able to add any item in their View List (#8081)

CONSOLE: Order History/In Progress Orders do not display Shipping Instruction Code on Order Details Tab (#7843)
CONSOLE: Unable to add Related Items when searching/paging through available Items (#8134)
CONSOLE: Item Maintenance - Current On Hand Quantity Broken (#8195)

INSTALLER: Upgrade will fail if two stock codes will result in the same FriendlyStockCode (#7862)

SYSTEM: Address Mapping Remainder setting not working (#4204)

For more information, or for specific details about any of these bug fixes, please contact Please include the bug number (as listed above) in your request.

New and Modified Controls in 2.13.4

Control and XSLT Changes

There are no new or modified front-end controls nor XSLT files in this release.

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