CyberStore Documentation
Bug Fixes in Version 2.15

The following bugs have been repaired in Version 2.15:

PRICING: Customer Administrator State "on" causes pricing control to display when it shouldn't (#9506)
PRICING: GetDefaultPrice Function Lost (#9602)
PRICING: Relative pricing shows even if UOM equals Stocking (#9646)
PRICING: Default Price replaced with Customer Price when changing quantity in ShoppingCartQuickOrderControl (#9731)
PRICING: Pricing Unit of Measure should not be considered when retrieving on hand quantity information (#9783)

CHECKOUT: MasterAccountControl - Changing Customer during checkout (#8032)
CHECKOUT: Tax - Incorrect Extended Tax Code being used (#8130)
CHECKOUT: SORTOI should pass the <ShippingInstrsCode> (#8166)
CHECKOUT: Invoice discount is incorrectly calculated during checkout (#8233)
CHECKOUT: Checkout Confirm pop-up Message - Return Character prevent pop-up from displaying (#8260)
CHECKOUT: SORTOI not passing Invoice Term Code (#9368)
CHECKOUT: Check Out - No message to user when Recalc fixes quantities (#9389)
CHECKOUT: Truncate Customer Bill To Name when passed as PO# in SORTOI (#9681)
CHECKOUT: CheckOutAddress Control Errors if No Shipping or Billing Address Exists #9721)
CHECKOUT: Single Page Checkout does not honor Allow Ordering setting (#9804)

ACCOUNT: Infinite Redirect Loop after Registration when CustomerLoginControl is set to AuthenticateNovoOnLogin (#7256)
ACCOUNT: B2C Accounts Cannot See Past orders in Order History Lookup (#7365)
ACCOUNT: Account registration process reveals SYSPRO Default Customer Number (#8253)
ACCOUNT: Leaving Out Leading Zeros in Account Registration Not Working (#9294)
ACCOUNT: Account of Customer on Web Hold can still submit orders (#9296)
ACCOUNT: Account Registration for B2C Not Mapping Shipping or Billing Address (#9297)
ACCOUNT: Change Password - B2C Accounts cannot change use the Change Password Feature (#9352)
ACCOUNT: CustomerAccountControl - Older Custom Control breaks on Account Registration (#9654)

CATALOG: Quick Order Entry - Adding multiple rows of the same item only adds one row to the cart (#6935)
CATALOG: XPParentItem error when adding an item with accessories that use custom description to the cart (#7844)
CATALOG: ContactUsControl - JavaScript Error (null reference exception) on submit (#7849)
CATALOG: CatalogCategoryListControl not honoring sitepages property OverrideCategoryList (#8110)
CATALOG: global.css not applied to pages on postbacks (#9288)
CATALOG: Characteristic List Order Not Being Honored (#9388)
CATALOG: CatalogItemQuickOrderEntryControl can have out of memory exceptions when fifty thousand items are available (#9429)
CATALOG: ShoppingCartQuickEntryControl breaks if not logged in (#9432)
CATALOG: CatalogCategoryListControl/CatalogCategoryTileListControl - Categories not displaying correctly (#9441)
CATALOG: Typo in property in CatalogOnHandQuantityDisplayControl (#9442)
CATALOG: reCAPTCHA - Account Registration Error on when no reCAPTCHA Keys are set (#9643)
CATALOG: ShoppingCartQuickOrderEntry Not Loading Data and then failing to function (#9727)
CATALOG: ATP Report Contains Incorrect and Incomplete Data (#9749)
CATALOG: CatalogCategoryListControl sorts by Hierarchy rather than SortOrder (#9775)
CATALOG: Corrupt Session Preventing site access(#9777)
CATALOG: Long Characteristic load time (#9808)

PERSONALIZATION: Personalization - If the cached resize image gets deleted, it does not get regenerated (#9437)

CONSOLE: Editing Hot Spot Diagrams results in an Object Reference not set to an instance error (#7341)
CONSOLE: Console non-Admin account cannot change a CyberStore account password (#7907)
CONSOLE: Item Image Maintenance yields Object Reference error (#8199)
CONSOLE: Customer Maintenance grid displays Class_ID not Description (#8226)
CONSOLE: SYSPRO Configuration - Operator Cannot Be Refreshed Due to no Company Being Found (#8240)
CONSOLE: Site Configuration - Unable to Edit the Error Log Location (#8241)
CONSOLE: Event Log UI - Unable to cast object of type 'DevExpress.Xpo.Logger.Transport.LogServer' to type 'DevExpress.Xpo.Logger.ILogger'. (#9282)
CONSOLE: Console Add Customer replaces spaces with plus signs in CustomerNumber (#9293)
CONSOLE: SYSPRO Configuration - Update Operator password field unbound (#9353)
CONSOLE: Product Group - Update Product Group Function Assumes Value from SYSPRO (#9367)
CONSOLE: Category - Bad Hierarchy data cannot be repaired (#9390)
CONSOLE: Accounts - Unable to Add new Account in account Maintenance (#9411)
CONSOLE: Address Mapping - City names that contain a space can affect the remainder for address mapping (#9414)
CONSOLE: Console Active Sessions display auto-reload greatly impedes using feature (#9511)
CONSOLE: Customer Maintenance - Adding a Customer does not include customer's salesperson Data (#9566)
CONSOLE: Sales Rep pagination issue (#9567)
CONSOLE: About CyberStore Detail Page not found in console /about.aspx (#9621)
CONSOLE: Lost CyberStore graphic fav.ico on Console (#9644)
CONSOLE: Event Log - resizing window is not adaptive and exporting is incorrect (#9691)
CONSOLE: Unable to add Customers in Console using IE (#9711)
CONSOLE: Console Add Customer fails when CustomerName contains special character (') (#9720)
CONSOLE: Console Edit Item pop-up display very slow (at Gentec) (#9738)
CONSOLE: Debug Stopwatch File Logging - does not log exception when trying to write (#9760)
CONSOLE: Session Conflicts with Novo Connect andCyberStore --> Wordpress Authentication (#9800)

INSTALL: Installer - Fresh Install cannot access console due to license error (#8173)
INSTALL: Installer - Installer cannot complete successfully in RC (#9308)

SYSTEM: Long Running Web Service processes can impact performance (#9667)

For more information, or for specific details about any of these bug fixes, please contact Please include the bug number (as listed above) in your request.