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Upgrade to .Net 4.7 (#8212)

In version 2.15 the CyberStore application's .NET Framework version has been upgraded to 4.7. In order to successfully install, upgrade or run the application, the CyberStore web server will be required to have installed version 4.7 (or greater) of the framework. 


In installations where updates to the CyberStore database need to be run on a SQL server, the .Net 4.7 (or greater) requirement must also be met.

To download the latest framework installation package, go to Microsoft .NET website.

Add latest jQuery versions to available script library (#9692)

CyberStore includes in its deployed files certain script libraries. One such library being jQuery. 

The jQuery libraries can be found in the /ecommerce/js/jQuery folder and then specific versions can be found in separate sub-folders therein. The jQuery files distributed dare the minimized versions, so the full file path would be /ecommerce/js/jQuery/2.2.4/jquery.min.js.

The following are the list of available jQuery versions currently distributed.

While it has always been possible to reference a distributed jQuery script library manually in a CyberStore page theme when buiding it out, an additional feature has been included that allows the CyberStore page engine to inject a configured jQuery version into every page <HEAD> in a Site. 

To configure your jQuery version, visit the Console's Site Manager > Site Configuration screen and review the options in the Site Scripts tab where you can select the Include jQuery checkbox, and then select the jQuery version desired.


Developer's Note:

Be sure to remove any other jQuery script references from any page themes when using this option as it is sure to cause page rendering and functionality issues when multiple versions are attempted to be loaded to the browser.

DevExtreme for Front End Controls (#8215)

CyberStore now ships with a set of HTML5 JavaScript widgets built-in to provide developers with a number of new custom front-end UI options. When combined with built-in AJAX and GetData web service functionality, a wide array of customization options are now available. 

Developer's Note:  

The use of DevExtreme widgets requires JQuery version 2.2.3. See the Script Library Configuration for jQuery update in the Console Improvements release note.

For more information about available AJAX functions and web service operations, see those topics. 

For more information about working with DevExtreme widgets, visit the DeveExtreme Demo website.

Update to DevExpress 17.2.7 Release (#9682)

DevExpress controls used in the CyberStore application have been updated to version 17.2 in CyberStore v2.15.

Email Messaging Self Healing (#9307)

In order to prevent the unexpected loss of email functionality, the CyberStore application will automatically verify that all system email templates exist in the CyberStore database on application start. As a result, any user deleted email templates will be restored to system defaults the next time the application starts.

No changes will be made to valid email templates that have been modified by end users. 

CyberStore Code Documentation Update (#7991)

Developer documentation has been enhanced in the Control Library to include details about every available property in all front-end controls. 

To view developer documentation, see the Control Library section of the Technical Documentation in the CyberStore Documentation Center. 

Use minimized versions of global JavaScript and CSS page engine files (#9699)

Global base JavaScript functions and CSS styles are deployed as part of the CyberStore application for use by user controls. These files establish base formatting requirements and deliver reused JavaScript utility functions that are used in various places within the system. 

These global files are included in pages rendered by the CyberStore Page Engine as /ecommerce/js/global.js and /ecommerce/css/global.css. With this improvement, minimized versions of each of these files are used instead when running a Release build of the application. This has been done in order to reduce script and style download time during page load. The updated minimized versions of the files will now be /ecommerce/js/global.min.js and /ecommerce/css/global.min.css, while the original files are maintained in the deployed directory as source files.

Developer's Note:

When running a deployed DEBUG version of the application DLLs, the source filenames global.js and global.css will be loaded by the page engine instead of the minimized versions. 

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