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Bug Fixes in Version 2.16

The following bugs have been repaired in Version 2.16: 

PRICING: TPM - QTY Basis TPM Promotions are not respected in CyberStore (#10112)
PRICING: GetDisplayPriceByStockCode Pricing web service operation display's pricing for anonymous shopper even when pricing set to hide (#10200)
PRICING: Coded Pricing Does not Always return Correct Value based on Price Code Table (#10231)
PRICING: Customer Class Hide Pricing - Accessory pricing still displays (#10311)

CHECKOUT: Custom Description of Accessories does not get to cart (#9510)
CHECKOUT: Tax using Customer Geographic Area instead of Multiship Geographic Area to calculate tax amount (#9729)
CHECKOUT: Multi-ship Addresses Missing (#10036)
CHECKOUT: Error posting order When Category is missing CategoryPath (#10113)
CHECKOUT: Cannot calculate order total when accessories enabled (#10284)

CATALOG: Hot Spots - Diagram Specific Color Settings Issues (#5869)
CATALOG: FilterControl Behavior Issues (#9835)
CATALOG: Hot Spot Maintenance- display sizing issues (#10099)
CATALOG: Image name replacement string for Pipe Bar is incorrect (#10255)
CATALOG: Hot Spot diagram mouseOver not functioning when Hot Spot Fill is disabled (#10294)
CATALOG: QOE - Can add items to cart when Add to Cart is disabled (#10299)
CATALOG: Accessories not displaying on SKU's (#10300)

CONSOLE: Console dashboard layout issue: overlap of meters at bottom (#9885)
CONSOLE: Customer Class -Error when delete last shipping method (#9950)
CONSOLE: Customer Class-Payment Methods: deleting last entry gives an Error pop-up message (#10111)
CONSOLE: Item and Category maintenance - Item Add: Go button click event is broken (#10119)
CONSOLE: Items- Hotspot Manager: Not able to see stock code assigned to hotspot (#10125)
CONSOLE: Item Maintenance: Pricing tab - Clear Pricing cache button, callback not found (#10235)
CONSOLE: Null error on first click to Edit Shipping Method Maintenance (#10287)
CONSOLE: Cannot delete Account with a Saved Cart (#10290)

SYSTEM: Verbose Logs - Possibility for multiple log files to have identical filename (#9640)

WEB SERVICES: Web Services operation SetCategoriesForItem missing (#10139)

DOCUMENTATION: Valid values for the property MenuDisplayMode in CatalogCategoryNavigationControl not documented (#10137)

For more information, or for specific details about any of these bug fixes, please contact Please include the bug number (as listed above) in your request.

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