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New Exact Match Property for ShoppingCartQuickEntryControl (#10046)

When usingthe ShoppingCartQuickEntryControl it is now possible to configure it to operate in an mode capable of performingonly exact matches when looking for Items based on the user input.

The new behavior is implemented using the new option for the property StockCodeFilterMode of "Exact" which when set would allow the stock code input box to become a simple free-form text box to allow the Shopper to just enter text for a stock code. Then when processing the input exactly matches a stock code (available to the Shopper via view list and other possible exclusions) add it to the quick order cart display in the desired quantity.

For complete information see the ShoppingCartQuickEntryControl and StockCodeFilterMode property topics. 

Update Minified Global JavaScript and CSS File Names for v2.16.0 (#10291)

The minified versions of global.js and global.css files have been renamed as follows to force the avoidance of browser cache issues

Use Browser's Back and Forward Buttons to Navigate Between Pages in CatalogItemTileListingControl (#10237)

When using the CatalogItemTileListingControl when there are more results than the configured page size, the control will display a pager that allows the shopper to navigate between pages in the listing.  If the shopper pages through the available pages in the control, the back and forward browser buttons can be used to navigate between visited pages ensuring the expected page is loaded within the control.

Likewise, should a shopper navigate between the pages and then navigate away to another webpage, if the browser back button is used to re-visit the webpage with the control, the page last visited will be loaded.

For full details about the control see the CatalogItemTileListingControl topic in the Control Library.

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