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New Inventory Methods for Getting ATP Report Data (#10012)

Originally Available to Promise (ATP) report data used by the CatalogAvailableToPromiseReportControl was written to use the GetATPReportData operation in the /ecommerce/util/GetData.asmx web method. This operation has now been implemented in the /ecommerce/Services/Inventory.asmx service.

See the Inventory.GetATPReportData operation topic for more information. 

Move AJAXGetItemPhoto from Util/GetData to Services/Inventory as GetItemPhoto (#10220)

The web service operation GetItemPhoto is part of the CyberStore Inventory web service and can be used to return back in its data the Photo1 featured photo for the item specified, or blank if none can be determined. 

Following standard business logic, the operation will look for the image using the Item's stock code as the base filename, and then trying .png, .jpg and .gif extensions (in that order) to find an existing file.

Note that this operation is asynchronous and does not require access to the session.

See the Inventory.GetItemPhoto operation topic for more information.

New Inventory Web Service Operations for Diagram and Hot Spot Data (#10302)

The following list are new operations in the Inventory web service to retrieve Diagram and HotSpot data as string formatted JSON objects in the context of the active shopper:

The Inventory.GetHotSpotsDiagramWithHotSpots operation is used in the new HotSpotDiagramDisplay widget.

New Price Web Service Operations to Clear Price Cache (#10258)

The following list are new operations in the Price web service that will clear cached prices from the CyberStoreForSYSPRO database:

Note that the above operations are asynchronous and do not require access to the session.

New Inventory Web Service Operation to Retrieve Top Items Bought With Data (#10204)

The new operation Inventory.GetTopItemsBoughtWithStockCodeByOthersToBuy will retrieve a list of the top Items that have been bought with another stock code and can be bought by the current Shopper. The results are obtained by querying existing order history.

Inventory.GetTopItemsBougthWithStockCodeByOthersToBuy is used by the new ItemsBoughtWith_Listing widget.