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Performance Improvements for Price Cache Population Operation
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When performing price cache operations in CyberStore, the system has been improved to better handle ongoing execution of repeated price queries.

Add Async versions of Execute methods in SimpleSQL to avoid Deadlocks when performing lengthy SQL calls (#10140)

Various asynchronous methods have been added to the CyberStore data layer and have been put to use to improve performance, and prevent database deadlocks.

Use Separately Threaded methods for the PopulatePriceCache Operation (#10142)

The PopulatePriceCache operation has been changed to use the newly available asynchronous data layer methods to handle separately threading database queries during the operation.

Important Note:

When using the PopulatePriceCache operation to update data in the Price Cache, release versions of the software will intentionally not log individual errors during the operation to the CyberStore Event Log, however if an instance of the CyberStore is running a DEBUG version of the code, it will in fact log all errors encountered during the operation to the Event Log.

Update Price Constructor to Allow for Only Caching Without Doing Unnecessary Formatting (#10143)

When needed, the Price constructor in the Business Logic layer can be set to only cache pricing without applying any formatting in order to avoid unnecessary code paths when pricing is not being retrieved by a front-end activity.

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