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Support For Additional TPM Pricing Options

In version 2.16 of CyberStore, additional SYSPRO Trade Promotion discount options have been added to supported pricing.

Add Pricing Support for TPM Based Mass and Volume Discounts (#10126)

CyberStore can support TPM discounts based on Item mass or volume if the following is true:

  1. Mass and/or volume data is properly maintained in SYSPRO
  2. In CyberStore, the Item is setup so that Trade Promotions are the source of Pricing in the Pricing tab found in Items > Item and Category Maintenance > Item Maintenance in the Management Console.

When the above is true, and a TPM discount is setup for the combination of Item and Customer, then the quantity desired plus any of the same item already in the Shopper's cart will be multiplied by the mass or volume value and then the appropriate discount will be applied based on the total and discount tiers.

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