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Set Line Tax Exemption Using Commodity Codes and Jurisdictions
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When using the CyberStore tax settings for Commodity Code and Jurisdiction, additional computation logic has been added to allow the management of tax exemption for the order line based certain criteria on the Customer in SYSPRO.

Console Updates for Tax Rule Exemption (#10040)

When setting up line-level tax rules in CyberStore, options for managing tax exemption can now be setup as well.


This feature allows a user to set a rule so that it may be taxable by default, but not taxable when a Customer is setup in SYSPRO with a value in their tax exemption number field. 

In addition a rule may be able to influence the taxable or not-taxable nature of the freight line of the order.

Alter Business Logic and Processing for Tax Rule Based Exemption (#10039)

The tax rule processing business logic in CyberStore has been extended as follows:

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