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Update HotSpot Diagram Display to Use Modern Client-Side Functionality
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CyberStore v2.16 includes a new alternate user experience option for displaying Hot Spot diagrams. The new HotSpotDiagramDisplay widget uses modern technologies for simple graphic rendering in the browser that support HTML5 and client-side control over all elements of drawn objects, their formatting and event functionality. The new HotSpot Display widget that can be used as a replacement for the CatalogHotSpotDisplayControl making the control obsolete.

New HotSpotDiagramDisplay Widget (#10303)

The new HotSpotDiagramDisplay widget runs in the client using AJAX calls to retrieve diagram and hot spot data. The rendering of hot spots is accomplished using HTML5 in conjunction with the Paper.js graphical library to handle all of the color fill and border settings available to hot spots.

Hot spot pop-ups appear when clicked, and use the DevExtreme Popup widget and pricing and product images are retrieved using AJAX during the pop up process.

Widget options are available to allow for tweaking the display and presentation. Please see the HotSpotDiagramDisplay widget topic for complete information on how to load and use the widget.

Use CatalogSimplePricingControl with CatalogHotSpotListingControl Grid (#10309)

The CatalogHotSpotListingControl which is often used in companion when displaying Hot Spot diagrams has been updated to utilize the CatalogSimplePricingControl by default rather than the full CatalogPricingControl.

Implementer's Note:

Please be aware that if your Site has a custom CatalogHotSpotListingControl you will need to merge the control modifications to change your pricing control.

See New and Modified Controls in v2.16 for details on how to make these modifications.  


Make CatalogHotSpotDisplayControl Obsolete with Message Logged to Event Log (#10326)

With the release of the HotSpotDiagramDisplay widget, the original CatalogHotSpotDisplayControl should be made obsolete.

About Obsolescence

When a feature, control, widget, or any item in the CyberStore application framework is made Obsolete, it is replaced with some newer functionality. Existing functionality either continues to be available (but future development of the feature ceases) or is altered to deliver the newer functionality automatically. At some future date, an obsolete item will be completely deprecated meaning that it will no longer exist or be available.

It is strongly suggested that any customization that uses an obsolete functionality be updated to utilize the newer counterpart.

Making the CatalogHotSpotDisplayControl obsolete involved to following


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