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External Call Logs Viewer in Console (#10357)

The external call logs created by CyberStore when logging is setup in the Logging tab of the Site Manager > Site Configuration screen, can now be viewed from within the new External Call Logs Viewer.

Accessed from main Console menu under Tools > External Call Logs

Also available via a quick link button on Site Manager > Site Configuration, in the Logging tab

The tool provides a file listing of all XML log files in the designated log directory. As a Console user with access to the External Log Viewer, you can find files, and by selecting and double-clickng one, open it to view in a read-only XML log editor. XML nodes are colorized for easy viewing and features like Find (Ctrl + F) and jumping to matching end tags (Ctrl + J) are also available.

Log File Management

Within the file list window, you can also choose to download or delete selected files. When downloading a single file, the XML file will download diretly, but when a group of files is selected for download they will be packaged into a single ZIP archive file that will then download through your browser. When files are selected for deletion, you will be asked to confirm the action, but note that continuing will permanently delete the files, and this cannot be undone.

Finding Log Files

Files are listed automatically with the most recent files at the top of the list, but if you click the "Date Modified" column heading, you can change the direction of the sorted list. The advanced filter icon on the "Date Modified" column let's you filter files to specific dates or date ranges, and finally you can search strings within files using the "Filter by" box. So to filter for instance to all SORTOI logs, just type that string of characters into the box and after a few seconds, the list will narrow highlighting the search text in the Log filename.

Update CodeMirror to latest release (#10358)

The Codemirror add-in for console use has been updated the latest release.