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Bug Fixes in Version 2.18

The following bugs have been repaired in Version 2.18: 

PRICING: Currency - formatting converts any value < 1 to cents including all negative numbers (#10467)

PRICING: Currency - QOE and Checkout can Misrepresent Currency of Default Price (#10496)

CHECKOUT: [OrderTotal] [CustomerDefaultEmail] not firing on Order Alert (#10602)

CATALOG: Use Custom On Hand Message not reflected on Quick Order Entry (#10621)

CONSOLE: Site slowdown and Thread was being aborted while editing item categories (#10530)

CONSOLE: Oasis license (unlimited categories) Caps Max Categories (#10678)

CONSOLE: SYSPRO Customer Number with ampersand ('&') creates incorrect Data CyberStore in CyberStore (#10680)

For more information, or for specific details about any of these bug fixes, please contact Please include the bug number (as listed above) in your request.

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