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The following areas within the Management Console have been updated in the 2.18 version of CyberStore.

Site Manager

The Site Manager screen has been moved in the Console menu from the Tools menu to the first postion in the top level of the menu.

Category and Item Maintenance

When editing Categories, in Items > Category and Item Maintenance, the Items tab has been removed. Instead Items can be imported into a Category, or re-sorted within one by using right-click menu options on the Category. Select either "Import Items" or "Sort Items" from the right-click menu to open each in their own pop-up.

SYSPRO Configuration

The Enable SYSPRO Cache option has been expanded with two sets of settings, one for master cache settings and one specifically for Inventory queries. The default cache timeout settings for each are - 24 hours for master cache, and 60 minutes for Inventory cache.

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