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Available to Promise (ATP) Feature Enhancements
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The CyberStore use of SYSPRO Available to Promise, or "ATP", has been further enhanced with several new features in this release.

Adjust ATP Business Logic to handle Disable by Customer Class (#10763)

Prior to version 2.18.3, when using ATP, the feature was enabled across the entire Site for all Shoppers. WIth this release, the site console user can elect to disable ATP functionality altogether at the Customer Class level to support additional use stories.

The Available To Promise feature is enabled when both of the following are true:

  1. The "Enable Available to Promise" setting is checked in the Quantity Settings tab of Site Manager > Catalog Configuration for the Site.
  2. The shopper's Customer Class is not configured to disable the feature, that is, the "Disable Available to Promise for this Customer Class" setting is not checked in the Customers > Customer Class maintenance screen's Settingstab for shopper's Customer Class for the Site they are visiting.

Ability to Disable ATP by Customer Class in the Management Console (#10726)

This options for disabling ATP when enabled at the Site level can be found in the Settings tab in the Customers > Customer Class maintenance screen where you will note a new "Quantity Settings" section which also allows you to override the site-level ATP message and maximum days by Customer Class as well.


Update UI on CustomerChangeRequestShipDateControl to allow for input of start/end (ship/return) dates (#10725)

When required by a certain use story, it is now possible to establish a range of dates for use when evaluating ATP availability. This feature is enabled by configuring the EnableRequestedShipDateRange property of the CustomerChangeRequestShipDateControl.

Requested ship date pop up display:


Requested ship date status display:

ATP Business Logic changes to Queries to include start and end dates (#10727)

Queries performed against ATP data have been adjusted to take into account a range of requested ship dates. The business logic rules examine all ATP quantities between, and inclusive, of the start and end date, returning the lowest number found within the range. When there is no end date specified, only the requested ship date is used.

When formatting custom ATP messaging in the console, the replacement tag [RequestedEndDate] can now be used. Doing so will substitute the requested end date which the user selected into the message.

Update ATP Report to include data through Ship Date Range when used (#10767)

The processing peformed in retreiving ATP data within the CatalogAvailableToPromiseReportControl has been updated to consider a start and end date range when applicable.  

Add Export functionality to the CatalogAvailableToPromiseReportControl (#10724)

Shoppers viewing the ATP report, can now elect to export and download the entire report, or just selected data, to an Excel file for offline viewing.