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Add LongDescription2 to the Search Fields for Item (#10715)

Item search scope can now include the CyberStore field LongDescription2, which contains the value of the SYSPRO Long Description field for stock codes.

The field can be selected from the list of available Item search fields in the General tab of the Site Manager > Catalog Configuration screen.

Update jQuery in CyberStore to include version 3.4.1(#10776)

The jQuery library version 3.4.1 has been added to the CyberStore as an available option.

Selecting your jQuery version is done within the Site ManagerSite Configuration screen in the Site Scripts tab.




It is highly recommended that your site always run on the latest jQuery version possible.

After changing your version, please be sure to verify site functionality to determine if there are any compatibility issues with other elements that may rely on older versions of the library.


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