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Page Engine Optimizations
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Various improvements continue to be made throughout the CyberStore application's page engine to increase page load times. This release includes the following updates:

Shopper, CustomerAccount, Catalog BusinessLogic, and Price.DisplayPrice Optimizations and Refactoring (#10675)

Improvements have been made to the ways in which contextual Shopper, Customer, Account and Catalog information is maintained has been refactored in core business logic to streamline code paths and improve page performance.

Move UserData from Session to HostingEnvironment.Cache (#10676)

User information needed by the page engine has been optimized to use short-term memory caching in order to improve page performance.

Optimize Database Clean Up Routine (#10731)

There are various events that occur on a regular cycle to clean and maintain certain CyberStore data. These clean-up routines are processed during page load. In order to improve performance and stability of these functions, this release includes programming updates that greatly reduce the number of times the routine is required to run - and when it does run, does so asynchronously using threaded tasks. The only visual indicator connected to this improvement is that some page loads may appear quicker than before.

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