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Add filters when using Items_TileListing Widget
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Business Logic, Processes and Web Services for Characteristic Filtering (#10831)

 The web method Inventory.GetCharacteristicInSearchResultsFiltered gets all distinct values for a specified Item Characteristic of Item matches within an Item search result that has been optionally filtered by one or more filter selections.

ItemCharacteristics_Filter Widget (#10832)

Available Widget Options

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            <Control src="LoadWidgetControl.ascx" FileLocation="ItemCharacteristics_Filter.html"
                    pageSize: 10,
                    minimumToShow: 2,
                    enableAccordion: true,
                    showCollapsed: false,
                    activeFiltersLabelText: 'Active Filters:',
                    preferredFilter: 'Specifications/Gears'"/>

Auto sort characteristic value by List Sort Order in Inventory.GetCharacteristicInSearchResultsFiltered web service operation (#10945)


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