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Additional Features for Items_TileListing widget
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Items_TileListing Widget Updates (#10833)

Business Logic, Processes and Web Services to retrieve SKUs for a Model with Pricing (#10852)

GetSKUsByItemIDWithPricing Resource

Output COM_Color table to javascript dictionary file (#10907)

The CyberStore color dictionary created in the CyberStore Management console when setting up color typed Characteristics is stored in the CyberStore database. In addition, when colors are added to the dictionary, it will now be exported as a file that can be used on the client-side for custom UI needs. The file can be loaded as a standard script file which then makes an object array called COLOR_DICTIONARY available to client scripts.

A sample colorDictionary.js file can be seen below:

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    HexColor: "#00FF00   ",
    Name: "Electric green"
}, {
    HexColor: "#00FFFF   ",
    Name: "Aqua"
}, {
    HexColor: "#993366   ",
    Name: "Boysenberry"
}, {
    HexColor: "#CC99FF   ",
    Name: "Bright ube"
}, {
    HexColor: "#FF0000   ",
    Name: "Red"
}, {
    HexColor: "#FF00FF   ",
    Name: "Fuchsia"
}, {
    HexColor: "#FFFF00   ",
    Name: "Electric yellow"

For more information about setting up custom colors in the Color Dictionary, review the Item Characteristic topic in the User's Guide.

Update Default CyberStore Themes (#11057)

The CyberStore Compass and Modern themes have been updated to incorporate the newest features including new widgets for display and navigating Items, Categories and search results. 

Items_TileListing widget: add link to Item Detail page in popup (#11124)

Uses Sitepages option of popup_detailLinkText to display the link in the popup, defaults to 'View Item Details'.
Uses built in SITE_PATHS.application plus /product/ plus the item's stock code to generate the link dynamically. 

popup_showItemDetailLink to show the link or not. Defaluts to 'true'.

Select number of items to view in Item_TileListing widget (#11125)


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