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Upgrade to DevExpress and DevExtreme v19.1.x (#10925)

Updated DevExpress controls and DevExtreme widgets from v17.1.14.0 to v19.1.7.0

Add additional error trapping around application start SitePages.config filewatcher (#10938)

In certain circumstances, a change to the SitePages confifuration file for a site may not be able to be re-processed, nor update the page definition cache. In such cases, these exceptions will be caught and logged so that the application does not stop and display an error. Meanwhile, the change will not take affect and therefore the web designer or site manager should rectify the root issue to ensure that the correct page definition is used.

Calculate Total Volume and Total Mass for cart and orders in the database (#11110)

As the shopper navitages the front-end website, adding, removing or updating quantities of items in their shopping cart, the system will now automatically calculate the total volume and mass of the cart. The process utilizes the mass and volume information synchronized with CyberStore which is stored in SYSPRO on each stock code.


Update AJAX Client Code on Application Start (#10904)

System changes were made to the creation of the AJAX Client Code field in the page engine. 

Update Code Signing Certificate for 2020 (#11145)

Add jQuery v3.5.1 to CyberStore Available Versions (#11359)

Add Additional Logging When Sending Personalization Work Order Fails to Send (#12344)

When personalization work orders are emailed as part of the checkout completion, should an error occur during the process, an event is logged in the CyberStore Event Log that contains the details of the message and provides a link to the rendered image of the personalization.



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