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Account Billing And Payments Portal (#10004)

Business Logic and Process Methods for Getting Account Invoices and Aging Info (#10468)

ProcessPayment_Popup Widget (#10469)

New And Modified Widgets

Web Service Operations for Billing (#11215)

FormatCurrency and FormatNumber JavaScript Functions in Page Scripts (#12145)

Functions are loaded into every CyberStore page during base page processing into the top of the page code after ViewState and before page content or controls are rendered making it available to use at any time during the page load on the client side.

FormatCurrency Example usage:
// returns $1,2345.67 using TotalValuesDecimalDigits value precision

FormatCurrency(1234.567, false);
// returns $1,234.567 using DecimalDigits value precision

FormatNumber Example usage:

// returns 1,2345.67 using TotalValuesDecimalDigits value precision
FormatNumber(1234.567, false);
// returns 1,234.567 using DecimalDigits value precision

BillingHistory_Grid Widget (#12146)

New And Modified Widgets

Add CountryCode to Currency Along with Derived ISOCurrencyCode (#12474)

The Setup > Currency maintenance screen has been updated to include the Country as a defining field. The list of countries is maintained in the CyberStore Country table, maintained in Setup > Geographic Setup > Country Maintenance.

Country codes are then used to identify the currency via the standard ISO 4217 list of currency codes. See for details from the ISO.

Licensing of A/R Portal Module (#12712)

Update /Shop/js/geographicData.js when saving Country and State data in Console (#12819)

Update COM_State default data with correct Canadian Provinces and Territories (#12820)

Database and Object Architecture for A/R Portal (#12836)

Extended Payment Provider Processing Business Logic and Processes (#12601)

Post Payments against Accounts Receivable for Invoices Paid (#12602)

Web Service Operations for Paying Invoices (#12654)

PayCustomerInvoices(string ClientCode, string SessionToken, string InvoicesToPay, decimal PaymentAmount, string CustomerReference, string CreditCardNumber, string CreditCardType, string CreditCardVerification, string CreditCardExpiration, string CreditCardAddress, string CreditCardCity, string CreditCardState, string CreditCardZipCode, string CreditCardCountry, string CreditCardFirstName, string CreditCardLastName,string Email, string Telephone)
Example Title
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#region Billing.PayCustomerInvoices
    InvoicesToPay: [
        {Invoice:'100503', AmountToPay: 150.00},
        {Invoice:'100490', AmountToPay: 5.00},
    PaymentAmount: 155.00,
    CustomerReference: 'Payment to Account.',
    CreditCardNumber: '370000000000002',
    CreditCardType: 'American Express',
    CreditCardVerification: '3521',
    CreditCardExpiration: '10/2023',
    CreditCardAddress: '123 Main Street',
    CreditCardCity: 'Worcester',
    CreditCardState: 'MA',
    CreditCardZipCode: '01501',
    CreditCardCountry: 'US',
    CreditCardFirstName: 'John',
    CreditCardLastName: 'Cassidy',
    Email: '',
    Telephone: '(508) 555-1212'
}, console.log)


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    "Data": {
        "TransactionID": "60163004769",
        "CreditCardType": "American Express",
        "CreditCardNumber": "Card Ending 0002",
        "CreditCardAddress": "123 Main Street",
        "CreditCardCity": "Worcester",
        "CreditCardState ": "MA",
        "CreditCardZipCode": "01501",
        "CreditCardCountry": "US",
        "CreditCardFirstName": "John",
        "CreditCardLastName": "Cassidy",
        "Email": "",
        "Telephone": "(508) 555-1212"
    "Result": {
        "Success": true,
        "Message": "Payment complete. The payment posted successfully.",
        "ElapsedTime": "3741 ms"




Default CustomerInvoiceDisplay.xslt for Transforming Invoice XML to HTML (#12658)

Update COM_EmailCleanup and Installer to Create InvoicePaymentReceipt Template (#12675)

Default HTML for the receipt

Example Title
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<h1>Thank you for your payment!</h1>
<p>A payment of [PaymentAmount] has been charged to your [CardType] ending [CardLastFour] on [Date].</p>
<p>Payment Details:</p>
    [PaymentName] ([PaymentEmail])<br />
    [CustomerName] <br />
    Customer Number: [CustomerNumber]
    [PaymentAddress]<br />
    [PaymentCity], [PaymentState] [PaymentZip]
<p>Your payment has been applied to the following invoice(s) on your account.</p>
<p><br /></p>


CONSOLE: A/R Integration Tab (#12659)