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Display Inventory Quantity Subtotals by Warehouse (#13671)

Introduced in v2.20.2, this feature allows for displaying inventory quantity subtotals by warehouse in addition to the aggregate sum of all available warehouses.


Keep in mind that the CyberStore can only access quantities from warehouses which have been made available through the web operator configuration in SYSPRO.

To enable the feature, enable it in the  Quantity Settings tab in the Site Manager > Catalog Configuration screen.

Important Note:

It is not recommended that sites display inventory quantity by warehouse when utilizing the CyberStore inventory buffer feature. Current business logic will display quanties by each warehouse, with each quantity being reduced by the buffer amount.

When enabled, the on hand quantity information displayed in the CatalogOnHandQuantityDisplayControl and the ShoppingCartQuickEntryControl will have the ability to display a table of quanties by warehouse as well as the agregate total quantity typically displayed.


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