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Bug Fixes in Version 2.21
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The following bugs have been repaired in Version 2.21: 


CHECKOUT: Shipping Methods - "&" in Shipping Method Display (#17362)

CATALOG: ItemListing Widget - Models Display Multiple Times within Listing (#14546)
CATALOG: simplePagination not working in mobile views (#15801)
CATALOG: Total Inventory Quantity Only Shows when Display by Warehouse is true (#173

CONSOLE: Spelling error in Site Manager / Catalog Configuration (#17135)

OPERATION AGENT: DataQueryAndExport Operation - Failure archiving old files when folder path is manually Specified (#17295)

E-PAYMENT: BillingHistory_Grid widget error when no credit is available for the customer (#15298)
E-PAYMENT: Document Viewer Dispatch Link Breaks with Special Characters in ID (#16403)
E-PAYMENT: Pay in Full button results in does not equal the sum of invoices error (#16550)


PRICING: Invoice Discounts - Gross and Net Invoice Discounts applying twice to orders (#16608)
PRICING: Contract Pricing - Multiple Buyer Group Contracts doubling up (#16132)

CATALOG: ItemListing Widget - Models Display Multiple Times within Listing (#14546)

E-PAYMENT: ACH Payment Transactions Declined when Verifying Prior to Transaction (#16399)


PRICING: Cached Pricing not being Cleared Upon Expiration (#16084)

ACCOUNT: Account On Hold - On Hold setting does not prevent an account from logging into the site (#15605)
ACCOUNT: Account Registration - Phone Extension Fields accept more digits than database allows (#16144)

CATALOG: Items not updating from SYSPRO cause {blank} unit of measure error preventing checkout (#16087)

OPERATION AGENT: Incorrect SQL join in UpdateSYSPROItems Operation (#16120)

E-PAYMENT: AR Portal - Invoice cannot be viewed (#16048)


CONSOLE: Account Maintenance - Editing the customer number does not update data grid (#15014)

CATALOG: Uncaught ReferenceError: FilterCharaceristicPaths is not defined (#14643)
CATALOG: Items_TileListing widget - Page reloads instead of navigating to Item Detail page under certain conditions (#15174)

E-PAYMENT: Payment Portal - Stuck Loading After Submitting Payment (#15336)


CHECKOUT: Warehouse falling back to Item Warehouse to Use when a warehouse is not selected by shopper (#15160)
CHECKOUT: Save Cart - Unable to Click Save Cart Button and create a Saved Cart (#15224)

ACCOUNT: Dispatch Notes not correctly filtered leading to locking up the site (#15161)
ACCOUNT: Dispatch Notes not displaying properly with Order_BillingHistory widget (#15223)

CATALOG: Filter Widget stops filtering on endless scroll (#14660)
CATALOG: Items_TileListing Widget - Friendly URL for Special Characters not used for Item Detail Page (#14875)

CONSOLE: Customer Maintenance Grid Shows Blank rows after first 5 pages (#14310)


CHECKOUT: SYSPRO Payment Services - Error when Completing Checkout (#14769)

CONSOLE: Item Maintenance - Edit Item Popup can be cutoff on smaller screens (#14877)
CONSOLE: Account Maintenance - Salesperson Search Object Reference Error (#14650)
CONSOLE: Account Maintenance - Export Current View Object Reference Error (#14649)
CONSOLE: Account Maintenance - Saving an Account will save a value for the PunchOut Override Transformation File Setting (#14492)

WEB SERVICES: Incorrect SQL syntax error when using characteristic filters (#14638)

E-PAYMENT: Account Balance total does not equal sum of aging (#14584)

For more information, or for specific details about any of these bug fixes, please contact Please include the bug number (as listed above) in your request.

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