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Operation Agent Stability and Usability Improvements (#12295)
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Updated in v2.21.3, the Operation Agent and corresponding Operation Center have been updated with improved functionality, stability, logging and event tracking.

The following specific improvements are now released.

Operation Center Event History and Log Viewer (#12485)

The Operation Center screen (Tools > Operation Center) has been enhanced to provide more control and visibility about scheduled, running and historically run operations.

The new tabbed interface provides the ability to create review, and edit scheduled operations using the Scheduler; review historical events related to previously run operations in the Operation History tab; and a new Agent Log Watcher that provides a real-time log trail of the operation agent detailing every event and activity when the agent is running; finally, the Settings tab allows the configuration of operation agent configurations.


  Operation History


Agent Log Watcher


Among the feature above, the system has also been enhanced by adding an agent notification email system. Various operation events can trigger emails to configured addresses. See the Settings tab for the available options.

Ability to STOP an Operation while Running (#12296)

Within the Scheduler tab, when an operation is in the process of running, it is now possible to stop the run in its midst by simply clicking the available STOP icon


When stopped a cancellation command is issued and the operation will be aborted upon the completion of the current cycle.

Once cancelled the operation will remain in the History tab until deleted.


Cancelled operations will have an entry in the Operation History tab indicating a CANCELLED status


Likewise CANCELLED operations will be logged and visible in the Agent Log Watcher

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