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Front-End Improvements in Version 2.9
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Version 2.9 includes the following improvements to CyberStore front-end controls and user experience elements:

New Properties in ShoppingCartDisplayControl (#6631)

Below you can find the new properties available in the ShoppingCartDisplayControl. These properties customize text and control the display of Shopping Cart buttons and columns.

You can modify Shopping Cart button text from default values using the CheckoutButtonTextClearCartButtonTextContinueShoppingButtonTextPunchOutButtonTextRecalculateButtonText and SaveCartButtonText properties. 

The Personalization column in the Cart only displays when the CyberStore Personalization Module has been licensed. However, if you desire to hide the column in the Cart, set the ShowPersonalization property to "false."

Finally, you can show or hide individual Shopping Cart buttons using the ShowClearCartButtonShowContinueShoppingButton, and ShowRecalculateButton properties. Note that the Checkout Button and Punch Out Button are enabled by your CyberStore configuration and do not have corresponding "show" properties.

Added Support for Item Characteristics in Punch Out XML Downloads (#6751)

There is a new "Characteristics" section. This contains all entered Characteristic values for Items in the XML download that specify the Characteristic and Family Names as node attributes.