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General Front End Improvements (#6416)
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Version 2.7 includes the following general front-end improvements: 

CatalogItemTileDisplayControl Support for Item Characterisitc Filtering

As first introcuced in Version 2.6, the CatalogItemTileDisplayControl provides a new category item listing layout for CyberStore that provides a tiled display of items in a responsive layout. With this release, the control now fully supports Characteristic Filtering using the standard FilterControl.

New CatalogItemSKUDisplayControl

Similar to the CatalogItemTileDisplayControl, the new CatalogItemSKUDisplayControl provides a responsive tile display layout, but in this case is focused on showing SKUs only. The control can be utilized on either a model item detail page, or a SKU item detail page. When shown on a model page, all approved SKUs in the active user's View List for the model will be displayed. Conversely, when included on a SKU detail page, all sibling SKUs that are approved and in the View List will be shown (i.e., it does not include itself).

IgnoreWhen... Properties for Item Controls

Utilizing the IgnoreControl Property also released in this version, conditional IgnoreWhenModel, IgnoreWhenSKU and IgnoreWhenStockCode properties have been made available to all Item Controls. As one could infer from their names, the various IgnoreWhen... propterties will cause an Item Control to be ignored based on the type of item.

The following Controls are considered Item Controls:

Additional CatalogPricingControl Properties

Additional properties have been added to the CatalogPricingControl to provide additional information display options. These properties include ShowOnlyPricing and ShowUOM.

Property Name Description Default
Indicates whether only pricing is shown. 
When ShowOnlyPricing is set to true, the control is forced to only show pricing information for the item. Doing so will disable quantity breaks (ShowQtyBreaks as false), accessory selection, and SKU Selection (EnableSKUSelection as false).

It will also disable the Tabbed Interface (UseTabbedInterface as false),  hide the quantity boxes and add to Cart button.
ShowUOM Indicates whether or not to display the unit of measure (UOM) in the price display. true

 Ability to Display SYSPRO Discounts for B2C Pricing

When it might be desireable to show a price before discounting for B2C shopping, this feature adds the ability to process B2C Customer pricing using the same processing of SYSPRO discounting as a B2B Customer
Managed through the Site Manager a new global default is set to indicate the the Default Customer pricing includes discounts (via SYSPRO). 

This can also be set in CatalogPricingControl using the DefaultCustomerPricingIncludesDiscounts property (default is false). 

New CatalogCategoryBreadcrumbControl

The CatalogCategoryBreadcrumbControl renders a complete list of categories in a category's hierarchy and can be included on any Category page.



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