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Performance Improvements (#6493)
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In the ongoing effort to further improve system processing, this release includes two new items related to performance improvements.

IgnoreControl Property for All CyberStore Controls

The IgnoreControl property allows for the forcing of a control not to cancel processing and hide the control from view.

The property can be set in SitePages.config or as a registered control property for any CyberStore front-end control. Developers can also use the property during processing in any control code.

An example of a control being set to be ignored:

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<Control src="CatalogContentDisplayControl.ascx"
    Name="Content Display"


Inclusion of Characteristics Definitions in the CyberStore Application Cache

As described in the Performance Optimization (#6180) feature resleased in Version 2.6, a system level application cache was added that stores Item Characteristic Values in memory for improved performance when filtering category listings or search results.

With this release, the actual defintion information about all Item Characterisitics has been added to the cache.


Be sure to rebuild the cache after creating a new Item Characterisitic in order to refresh the informaiton. For more information, see Performance Optimization (#6180).

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