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Front-End Control Improvements (#6580)
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Version 2.8 of CyberStore includes the following improvements to front-end controls:

Addition of Optional use of reCAPTCHA challenge phrase within CyberStore Email Forms

To prevent Internet robots from submitting non-human emails from your site's CyberStore Email Forms, enable the use of Google reCAPTCHA within the CatalogContactUsControl

To receive support for reCAPTCHA, set the UseRecaptcha property to "true." Specify an appropriate reCAPTCHA PublicKey and PrivateKey.

MinimumToShow Property added to FilterControl

When you use the dynamic FilterControl with either a CatalogItemTileListingControl or a DataDisplayControl, you may experience that less than a specified number of unique filter results are returned on page load. If this occurs, you may wish to hide the FilterControl altogether.

Use the new MinimumToShow property to configure this setting. With this release, the default behavior requires at least 2 options to be available in order for a filter to appear.

Ability to Disable Zoom Feature While Maintaining Support for Multiple Item Detail Images

In some cases, you may wish to turn off the mouse-over zoom functionality of the CatalogItemImageZoomControl.

The existing ZoomPosition property now gives you the option to deactivate the zoom.

To enable this setting, set the property value to "None."


This setting does not disable the click-to-enlarge feature.

See the example below of the SitePages.config control configuration for the CatalogItemDetailControl. When you set the value in detail control while EnableZoom is set as "true," the property will pass first to the CatalogItemImageControl and then to the CatalogImageZoomControl.

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