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Available to Promise (ATP)
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In SYSPRO Available to Promise, or ATP, is used to help certain companies to plan when product can be available to ship. This information is often then used to communicate expectation when purchase decisions are made by customers.

Understanding Available to Promise

Simply put, when a customer wants to order a certain number of items and have confidence that you can ship the product when they need it by, ATP lets you know if you will have enough on that date available to promise the customer that their order can be met. In order to do so, understanding when inventory is coming in, going out, or beign produced is critical, and the SYSPRO ATP module handles these complex calculations.

While we will not describe all of the computational details of ATP here (refer to SYSPRO help for that), fundamentally, the quantity available to promise requires a date and then details about on hand inventory across warehouses, sales orders being fulfilled, expected purchase orders coming in and planned build schedules.

Important Note:

Please note that an ATP quantity is not an an actual inventory quantity. An inventory number for any day can vary (sometimes dramatically) from the ATP number since certain ATP events for today may not have ocurred yet (and in fact may not).

How CyberStore Accumulates ATP Data

Since ATP calculation is a complex process, it is impractical to use ATP data in real-time for the end user, therefore CyberStore has built-in the ability to store ATP information about your items in its own database. This data is populated using the The ATP Update Operation.

When configuring ATP, there are certain ways to limit, or extend, the scope of data to process. One has the ability to limit queries to only certain warehouses in the operation center, as well as the ability to ignore build schedules or planning time fences. Limiting or extending your ATP source scope is designed to hanlde reducing the amount of data needed to by synchronized with SYSPRO to a practical minimum that supports a company's unique requirements.

Once the data is available to CyberStore, the ATP can be used with the front-end user experience.


Keep in mind that since scope can be established effecting which ATP information is stored by CyberStore, ATP data results can intensionally vary from those in SYSPRO.

Be sure to compare the results with your understanding of how you use ATP and how your customers expect to interpret the information.

 Calculating ATP in CyberStore

Using the synchronized ATP data in CyberStore, the application will calculate an ATP quantity based on a date (or date range) by adding together all ATP details in the data up to, and including the ship date range, and then subtract order line totals (convertied to the stocking unit of measure) from sales orders that have been received by CyberStore since the last time the ATP data was updated.

When a date range is used in the calculation, the ATP number returned is the lowest ATP quantity for all dates between and including the start and end date.