CyberStore Documentation
Assign Users to Groups

The "Assign Users to Groups" window allows you to manage the assignment of Management Console Users as members of Groups in the CyberStore.

To access the window in the Console menu, go to Tools > User & Group Administration > Assign Users to Groups.


When the application has loaded, the "Assign Users to Groups" window appears.



This window contains the following sections:

Assign Pages to Groups Information
Users The names of the Accounts that users can log in under.
User's Current Groups The list of the current groups that the selected user belongs to. Use the arrows to either add or remove the groups listed.
Remaining Groups The list of the additional groups to which the selected user does not belong. Use the arrows to move the names of the groups you want them to be a part of into the "User's Current Groups" field.



Be sure to click the button when you are finished making any edits.