CyberStore Documentation
Before CyberStore Installation

See additional installation prerequisites regarding the SYSPRO server below:

Install the SYSPRO ERP Application

CyberStore is designed to work closely with the SYSPRO ERP application. Therefore, you must first install and set up the SYSPRO ERP application to support your business rules.


Although you can configure multiple instances to exist on a single server, the default SYSPRO settings and Installation Wizard can only support one instance. If you have more than one instance on the same server, you may need SYSPRO technical support to set up the Objects to interact with the instance that CyberStore uses.

Upgrade the SYSPRO ERP Application

The minimum requirement for the supported version and issue is SYSPRO 6.1 SP 1.

Install SYSPRO Solutions, Including the Diagnostics Tool

Set up the solutions on the SYSPRO Server. SYSPRO 6.1 SP 1 may automatically install this feature.

To access this option for networks and servers, use the SYSPRO Installation CD.