CyberStore Documentation
Country Maintenance

The "Country Maintenance" screen allows you to maintain the country information.

To access the screen in the Console menu, go to Setup > Geographic Setup > Country Maintenance.

When the application has loaded, the "Country Maintenance" screen appears.




Maintaining Country Data

The "Country Maintenance" screen contains the following tab:


The General Tab

Use the the General tab to maintain general country information and to configure options.



The General tab contains the following elements:

General Information
FIPS Country Code The Federal Information Processing Standards Country Code.
Country Display Name The name of the country.
Country Display Abbr The abbreviated country name. (Often same as FIPS Country Code)
Hide from Country Lists Option that prevents the Customer from selecting this Country from the drop-down list.
Billing Address Map The address map that you will use for billing.
Shipping Address Map The address map that you will use for shipping


Be sure to click the button when you are finished making any edits.

Browse Countries

To search for a particular country, click the "Find" (  ) button. The "Browse" screen pops up.



Add Countries

 To add a new country, click the "New" (  ) button.

Remove Countries

To remove a country and all of the information about it, click the "Delete" button ().