CyberStore Documentation
Create a MySite Folder for Your Templates

In the OutdoorsSite folder, you can find standard demo templates named Template1, Template2, etc. Choose one of these to be the starting point for your company template, which determines the way your website appears to your Customers.

To preview available controls, use “TestTemplate." This special template contains pages with various combinations of all of the controls and parameters.


During an update, the CyberStore installer removes files altered or created in any of the CyberStore directories (Ecommerce, Console, Documentation, Install and OutdoorsSite). Be sure to create a directory to keep your customizations intact, as you will read below.

File Folder Configuration

Create a new folder in the CyberStore install path. While you can choose any name, we recommend that you name it {Company Name}Site (e.g., D:\CyberStore2\DovetailSite). For the purpose of this document, we will refer to this subdirectory as the MySite folder. 

Choose one of the demo templates as a basis for your online store and copy its contents into the newly created MySite folder. You can safely make future customizations here.

Internet Information Server Configuration

In the IIS Manager, create a virtual directory for your new template folder. In IIS, point the virtual directory /Ecommerce/Site at your physical MySite folder.


You must create a /Ecommerce/Site virtual directory in IIS before you can use the Console for any purpose, even for uploading the license.