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Create a New Website In ISS

CyberStore resides within a website. You may use either the default Site or exisiting Site, or you may create a new one. The following steps help you to create your new virtual website. The “e-commerce” and “Console” virtual directories will be created within this virtual website during the CyberStore application installation.


Add section for IIS 8.x

Create a New Website on the IIS 7.x Web Server

Open IIS. 

Expand the web server. 

Right-click on "Sites." 

Click “Add Web Site...”



Enter a name to reference your Site. Any name is fine.

Click the browse button (“…”). Select the physical path where you would like to place the website root.

Click the Make New Folder button. 

Enter the physical directory name for your Site. Any name is fine. For simplicity, you may want to use the website root folder name CyberStore2root. 

Click OK.



Enter website address information:


The internal IP will be updated with an external IP before you Go Live, unless you use Natural Address Translation (NAT).



IP Address

Set up the network (firewall and router), server (NIC), and website (IIS) to respond to the assigned IP address.

If you are on the web server, you may refer to the default website as (localhost).

SSL Certificate

You need an SSL certificate for the full “Common Name” of the website for Go Live. This typically consists of the subdomain and Domain name of the site (e.g.,

First, determine the common name that will be used for the CyberStore Site: 


For more information, or to order a certificate, visit

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