CyberStore Documentation
Credit Card Configuration

The "Credit Card Maintenance" screen allows you to maintain your credit card files.

To access the screen in the Console menu, go to Setup > Credit Card Configuration.

When the application has loaded, the "Credit Card Maintenance" screen appears.



Maintaining Credit Card Data

The Credit Card Maintenance screen contains the following tab:


The General Tab

Use the the General tab to maintain general credit card information and to configure options.



The General tab contains the following elements:

General Information
Credit Card Name The type of card (e.g., Visa).
Image Filename The filename of an image of this type of card.
Security Code # Digits The number of digits that comprise the credit card security code for this type of card.


Be sure to click the button when you are finished making any edits.

Browse Credit Cards

To search for a particular type of credit card, click the "Find" (  ) button. The "Browse" screen pops up.


Add Credit Cards

 To add a new credit card, click the "New" (  ) button.

Remove Credit Cards

To remove a credit card and all of the information about it, click the "Delete" button ().