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CyberStore is built to enable your Business to Business Shoppers the ability to manage all of their accounts from one or a few Administrator Accounts. These accounts are given additional functionality enabling them to make changes to all of their other associated accounts. Thereby, should an administrator need to change, for example, the email asociated with an account that is not their own they do not need you to go into the console and make those changes. Rather, the Administrator account can make those changes within CyberStore. 

Setting up the Customer Account Administrator

In order to set up a Customer Account Administer in CyberStore certain console settings will need to be in place. First, in Customer Maintenance you will need to click on the "Allow Admin Accounts for this Customer" checkbox thus allowing the selected Customer to utilize Administrator Accounts. However, in order for this functionality to work you will need to go into the Account Maintenance pop-up and designate an account as the Administrator Account. This requires some communication with your Shopper needed to identify which Account should be given the power of Administrator.

Functions Available to the Customer Admin

There are many additional functions a Customer can do as an Admin. Most of these additional functions appear on the login screen. These functions affect the Accounts that are linked to the Administrator's Customer Account. These functions can be seen in the CustomerAccountAdminControl below:

Customer Account Assignments
Allow Ordering A checkbox that when checked will enable the selected account to order for the Customer.
Access Order History A checkbox that when checked will enable the selected account to access the order history of the Customer.
Show Shipping Pricing A checkbox that when checked will enable the selected account the ability to see the Shipping Price.
Limit Ordering to Item Lists A checkbox that when checked will limit the selected account to ordering only Items from the Customer Item Lists.
Last Name The last name associated with the Account.
First Name The first name associated with the Account.
Email Address The email address associated with the Account.
Admin A checkbox that when checked will make the selected account an Admin capable of editing associated Customer Accounts.

In addition, to these functions the Customer Admin can also create and edit Customer Lists for all of the associated Customer Accounts. For more information on Customer Lists see the Item Lists folder.

Additional Reading: To learn more about the Customer Account Administration Control including the properties and code behind this control see CustomerAccountAdminControl.
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