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CyberStore Inventory Web Service > All Operations Resource Group : GetItemByItemIDWithCharacteristics (Method)
Gets Item detail by an Item ID while returning values for specified item characteristics.
Request (GetItemByItemIDWithCharacteristicsSoapIn)

The request body is of type GetItemByItemIDWithCharacteristics.

Request Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
The identifier of the item.xml:int
A comma-separated list of item type characteristic Family/Name paths.xml:string
// Example: Get item information along sith Specification family
//     characteristics of Color and Size

MakeAJAXCall("Inventory.GetItemByItemIDWithCharacteristics", {
    ItemID: 579,
    CharacteristicPaths: "Specifications/Size, Specifications/Color"
}, console.log)
200 Response (GetItemByItemIDWithCharacteristicsSoapOut)

The response body is of type GetItemByItemIDWithCharacteristicsResponse.

Response Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type

A string value in JSON format describing the results. 

// Example: Get Item having ID of 579 with specified characteristic Data

    "Item_ID": 579,
    "StockCode": "A100",
    "Model_ID": 0,
    "Headline": "Rulon LR Sleeve Bearing",
    "Name": "Boys 15 Speed Mountain Bike",
    "ShortDescription": "",
    "SubHeadline": "",
    "LongDescription2": "Distribution",
    "ITM_Item.SortOrder": 2,
    "SortOrder": 4,
    "CanAddToCart": true,
    "URL": "/ECommerce/product/a100/boys-15-speed-mountain-bike",
    "Photo": "/Ecommerce/site/images/Photo1/A100.gif",
    "Photo1": "/Ecommerce/site/images/Photo1/A100.gif",
    "Photo2": "/Ecommerce/site/images/Photo2/A100.jpg",
    "Characteristics": [{
        "Path": "Specifications/Color",
        "Label": "Color",
        "Suffix": "",
        "DataType": 6,
        "Value": "Red;"
    }, {
        "Path": "Specifications/SIZE",
        "Label": "Size",
        "Suffix": "",
        "DataType": 6,
        "Value": "Extra Small;"
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