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Returns custom form fields linked to a sales order header, sorted by the specified column name. Introduced in v2.21.
Request (GetCustomFormFieldsSoapIn)

The request body is of type GetCustomFormFields.

Request Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type
The sales order number to query.xml:string
Comma-separated list of Custom Form Field (CFF) names to query.xml:string
A sales order SorMaster+ column name to use as an ascending sort column.xml:string
// Example: get order custom form fields with column names of
//          ShipmentTracking, InvoiceNumber, and LoanType
//          from sales order 4145

    OrderNumber: '4145', 
    CustomFields: 'ShipmentTracking,InvoiceNumber,LoanType', 
    SortColumnNames: 'InvoiceNumber'
200 Response (GetCustomFormFieldsSoapOut)

The response body is of type GetCustomFormFieldsResponse.

Response Body Parameters

NameDescriptionData Type

A string value containing a JSON object.


    "Data": {
        "CustomFormFields": [
                "ShipmentTracking": "",
                "InvoiceNumber": "",
                "LoanType": "Event Loan"
    "Result": {
        "Success": true,
        "Message": "Results returned successfully.",
        "ElapsedTime": "283 ms"

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