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The CyberStore application takes advantage of the ASP.NET Session object to store and maintain certain information throughout the course of a shopper's visit to the Site.


Do not modify any of these variables.

Each Session Variable used by the CyberStore application are to be considered read-only. They are set based on specific CyberStore business logic. Any modification of the values for these Session Variables will result in undesired and unintended results.

 The table below lists the documented Session Variables used by CyberStore.

Session Variable Description
Customer_ID The Customer_ID for the Customer associated with the currently logged-in Account.
LastCategory_ID The Category_ID for the Category of the most recently visited Category page.
userID The Account_ID for the currently logged-in Account. This is null when a shopper is not logged in.

A concatenated string containing the First and Last Name of the logged-in user.

For example: "Susan Brown"


A string containing the Company Name of the Customer to whom the logged-in Account belongs.

For example: "Bikes and Blades - North"


A string value containing the SYSPRO Customer Number associated with the Customer to which the logged-in Account is linked.

For example: "0000002"



See the example below of the use of the userID Session Variable within a custom control. This allows you to determine whether the shopper is logged-in or is browsing anonymously.

Custom login check
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   if (Session["userID"] == null)
You are not currently logged in.
You are logged in as <b><%= Session["userName"].ToString() %></b>.