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Using the Fed Ex Shipping Provider
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You should set up a provider-based shipping method for your web store. However, before you can do this, you need to create and set up a new shipping provider. This topic offers some tips for successfully setting up Fed Ex shipping for your web store.

Once you license a valid shipping provider, you are able to access the CyberStore "Shipping Provider Maintenance" screen. To do so, go to Setup > Shipping Providers


You will be led to the "Shipping Provider Maintenance List". Click the Add button.



The "Shipper Provider Maintenance" pop-up appears. This pop-up contains the following tabs:

General API Specifics

The General Tab

Within the General tab, fill in the sections using the image below as a guide.


For the "Provider Type," be sure to choose "Fed Ex."

The API Specifics Tab

Use this tab to detail the API information about your Fed Ex shipper. API Information is unique to your direct Fed Ex shipping Account. Please contact your Fed Ex representative to determine your Account Number, Access Key, Meter Number, and Provider Password. 


Use the following URLs in the CyberStore Shipping Provider setup screen for LIVE and TEST addresses:


Use of the TEST URL in a production environment is prohibited by Fed Ex and can yield unexpected results and inconsistencies. Please be sure to use the LIVE URL on all production sites.