CyberStore Documentation
Fresh Installation or Upgrade

If your company is not currently using CyberStore for its e-commerce business, you will need a fresh installation. If your company is using a previous version of CyberStore, you may still choose to make a fresh installation rather than an upgrade. This may be your best option under any of the following circumstances:

You might also prefer not to make changes to your Live CyberStore Site but to instead perform a fresh install of CyberStore as a separate Staging Site. This strategy allows you to shake-down the new hardware or software and to transition the Staging to Live when all pieces prove to work well together.

We recommend that you work together with your CyberStore installation specialist to map out the strategy that best meets your company’s needs and goals.


Should questions arise at any time, your CyberStore installation specialist and support team is available to assist you in making the best possible choices.